Friday, October 1, 2010

Time to party!

Tomorrow is Hadley's 1st birthday party! I am so excited, but also very stressed. I keep thinking I didn't buy enough food, and the kids will all be bored etc. I'm trying to get the house cleaned, and finish painting the kitchen all by tomorrow. It's been quite a week around here! I'm definitely ready to start the party and start RELAXING. Although I doubt I get to relax much I'll still be freaking out about food and that everyone's having fun. Hadley got her first present in the mail yesterday and she was so excited. And I'm pretty sure that she knew it was "hers" becuase she did NOT want to give her bear to Gracen. They're both still working on that sharing bit!!

Hopefully everyone has fun, there's plenty of food and I'm praying the weather stays so nice for us!! I'm sure there'll be a very long post on it next week!

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