Wednesday, September 10, 2014

School's in Session

{UPDATE: this is simply a glance into my morning, the Mr. is busy wrangling the other two, packing the school lunch, and 9 times out of 10 he does breakfast. #teamworkforthewin}

Here's a little glimpse of what our mornings should look like (what I've planned out in my head):

  • Mom wakes up at 6:30 to start breakfast and pumps if necessary
  • Mom gets in the shower and gets ready
  • G wakes up at 7
  • G eats breakfast and gets dressed
  • G packs her backpack and gets shoes on 
  • G brushes her teeth
  • Mom and G out the door at 7:40

Here's a little glimpse of what it actually looks like:
  • Mom's alarm goes off at 6:30am
  • Mom presses snooze about 4 times and doesn't even realize it
  • Panics as she wakes up at 7am, late, again
  • Scrambles to get something on the table for breakfast and takes the worlds fastest shower, or dry shampoo to the rescue!
  • Curses the pump - why can't it go faster?
  • Tries to get ready as quietly as possible without waking up the baby (always seems to manage to wake up the baby)
  • Argues about breakfast with G for at least 10 minutes
  • G gets dressed (God bless uniforms!)
  • Tries to remember if she already brushed her teeth or not?
  • Says a little prayer that G has all her hw and lunch in her bag
  • out the door at 7:40, but has to come back home to finish getting herself ready
  • #nailedit

Can't wait until we have to get TWO kiddos ready next year! Not. 

I wish I was a morning person. {Side note: I could use the excuse of having a 2 month old, and being up in the middle of the night, but the same thing happened last year too, so..}

Thursday, September 4, 2014

1st Day of Pre-K

I'm sure they have their reasons as to why, but it sure is inconvenient that they start pre-school activities so much later than the big kids. Hadley had her first day of Pre-K yesterday, and has been (im)patiently waiting to start school ever since Gracen did two weeks ago. #secondchildproblems

This year she gets to go 3 days a week instead of 2, and we switched to afternoons. I am SO excited about this since I head home on my lunch breaks to feed Parker, and that means that I can drop her off! I know it may seem like a small thing, but it means a lot to me (and her) that I get to be more involved this year. And that means one less trip out for Daddy with the baby. #winning

Hadley was SO excited to begin school, she was ready to go at 8am. School doesn't start until 12:15. We took the obligatory school photos, and luckily the storm had passed by noon to get said photos. She ran straight into the building, and knew exactly where to go. This wasn't her first rodeo.

She knew most of her class already (most of them have siblings in Gracen's class), and happily hugged and waved. This chica means business. I was equally proud and sad, that my little Hadley really didn't need me. She wasn't even ready to go home when school was over. It's such a blessing that she loves school, and we can't wait to see what this year holds.

I cannot believe that she will be in kindergarten next year, my sweet baby isn't a baby anymore!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2 Months With Parker Mae

With each babe, the time goes faster and faster. (And why is it that 9 months of pregnancy seemed to DRAG on?!)  The past 2 months have been a whirlwind of sweet baby snuggles, and summertime fun. How it is September already I'll never know. It's nice to get back into a routine of school and Fall activities, although we forgot how stressful it can be to get everyone everywhere on time with a baby. 2 month olds don't really care about what time soccer starts :)

Miss Parker,

You continue to eat well (I can barely keep up!) weighing in at 11 lbs. 5.5 oz (65%) and 23 in. long (75%). I could just love on your sweet cheeks all day long. You are an amazing sleeper (a girl after my own heart!). Waking up usually only once, maybe twice. So thank you for that my darling girl. You have a love/hate relationship with a lot of things. For instance the carseat. You HATE when we put you in it, but once you're calmed down and the car is actually moving, you're good to go. You also LOVE to be swaddled, but only if we leave your arms and hands out. Otherwise you ninja chop your way out of the whole thing. You LOVE tummytime. For about 5 seconds. Then you HATE it. But alas, we push on. You LOVE getting your picture taken. Just kidding. I don't know if you love it or not, but I sure love taking them! I also love watching your little personality develop. You have found your sweet baby voice, and I can't get enough of your coos and your giggles. We love you to pieces Sweet P!