Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kitchen Reveal... FINALLY!

It's finally time! (I know you were all holding your breath weren't you??) We actually finished the kitchen in the nick of time for Hadley's birthday party back on Oct. 2, but it has been so insanely busy around here the past couple weeks (haven't mentioned that before have I?!?) that I'm just now getting around to taking pics to make this post. So if you don't recall look here and here to see how this has been a long time comin!

I really loved how it all turned out, especially the color. Which I was wary of for a while in this whole process, but it all came together even better than I imagined it! Of course there's still a couple of final touches I'd still like to add here and there, but I'm extremely proud of all the decor considering this is my first kitchen to get to decorate! Hope you like it!

I love this corner baker's rack! Nicely displays all my cookbooks (I have a slight obsession with cookbooks, you'd think I'd be a better cook!) and some photos and I scored it at Wal-mart for $39!

I love our kitchen table. We've had that since we moved in, and I still love the dark wood and the marble slabs. Love. We scored that ginormo painting and were so happy it blended PERFECTLY with the wall color!

It took me a long time to decided how to decorate above the cabinets. I'm not a HUGE fan of the fake ivy that I've seen in a lot of kitchens (no offense if you like it or decorated with it!) I also tried to use some stuff that we already had to keep costs down.

I used some vases we already had collected over the years, and got some fake apples (of course for fall!) for around $5 for each color. I love these vases becuase I can switch out what's displayed in them with the seasons!

I got that candle holder at Burlington Coat Factory for $5. FIVE DOLLARS! Unfortunately the only color tea lights we had on hand were blue, but I do plan on buying some white ones. Those were already our picture frames and the hubs sister took those pics of the girls about a year ago. (Check out her website here!)

I tried not to get too cluttered up there. I love the cross on the left, I got that at Hobby lobby for $10! And the vase of flowers next to it is from Bed Bath and Beyond and was only $7! I also got the wine rack at BB&B for about $20 (The most expensive thing I bought!) and assembled it myself. (Not that I'm tooting my own horn or anything... toot toot! jk!) That "T" tile we got as a wedding gift, and I just added some fake grapes for a lil extra color.

These were both from Hobby Lobby, I love that store! They always have such good sales! And I love the plate and how it incorporates fall and goes SO well with the paint!

Picked up this little gem (sensing a wine theme?) At Burlington Coat Factory as well for about $12. And I love it!

Hope you enjoyed the kitchen tour! And stay tuned for updates as we hang a couple more pictures and add some other finishing touches.


Kelly said...

You did an amazing job!! Ok, where to start? First, love the wine theme. :P Also loving the bakers rack, kitchen table and the candles above the cabinets! BRAVO! :)

Jordan said...

Great job! The kitchen table is really pretty! I love dark wood too! Nice job pulling it all together!