Thursday, March 28, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

Last weekend we took the girls to go see the Easter Bunny, and I was pleasantly surprised at the success of the visit. Both girls have recently stopped taking naps - which may or may not be a good thing, and the bunny was at noon. So not only was it lunch time, but also potential meltdown time from being tired.

There was a basket of stickers next to the bunny for the kids after they got their picture taken. The Mr. had to take a walk with Had for misbehaving while we were in line, and while they were gone Gracen was asking about the stickers. At the same time there was a little girl bawling while her Mother was trying to get a photo with the bunny, and Gracen very seriously said 'You only get the stickers if you behave, crying does NOT get stickers!' I couldn't help but giggle.

This is actually the first year we've taken them to see the Easter bunny. I've never really made it a priority, because he doesn't talk... so I'm not entirely sure what the point is? Except to have a cute picture in Easter clothes. But of course one week prior to Easter in KS meant a 10 inch snow storm, so we have on boots and puffy vests :)

Although I am kind of sad to say I don't have any disasterous photos of them with the Easter bunny, some of the pics from when I was little are pretty humorous!


I mean who doesn't laugh when looking at that? ;) Happy Easter!!

Monday, March 25, 2013


When I was little, one of my absolute favorite places to go to was Kaleidoscope. So it's been around for a while :) Hallmark created it as a way to engage kids imaginations, and so that all of their leftover materials for their creative department didn't go to waste. It's really quite amazing, and if you've never been I highly encourage you to go. I mean seriously, it's FREE! The inner cheap-o in you is dancing right now, ha!

During the week, they have "sessions" for kids, but they have to be 5 in order to participate, because parents don't go with them. I can very vividly remember the first time I ever went, when I was 4 years old. My Mom took us on a random weekday to get us out of the house, and when we stopped to get our tickets, the lady at the entrance asked me how old I was. I proudly announced FOUR!! Well unfortunately 4 year olds are not allowed in. I started to cry, and was so upset that my sisters/whoever else we were with got to go and I didn't. The  lady came up to me and let me know that sometimes almost 5 year olds got to go in too, and today was one of the days they did. I seriously think I was so overjoyed I almost couldn't calm down enough to go in. Hallmark had one heck of a lady working that day.

I think my girls share in my excitement - getting ready to head inside!

They now have Saturday open family sessions, so we decided to take the girls. It was kind of surreal to be back there with my own kids. They still have the big box full of pins that you stick your hand under and feel them and make shapes with - wow that was an awesome description, haha, sorry I don't have a reference photo we totally brought the camera, just to find out it was dead, wah wah.

And they still had my favorite part! Where you get to color a picture, and they turn it into a puzzle!

Gracen is very hard at work here. Her favorite part was, well, everything. It's like stimulation overload, so she didn't know which way was up. We got there a little late, so we only ended up spending about 40 minutes in there and trust me, we could have spent all day. We only got through about half of the place. Hadley's favorite part I think was the dark room that used black lamps. She painted a picture frame with glowing melted crayons, and she didn't want to leave. Neither of them did really! It was a pretty great way to burn some energy and get out of the house before we were snowed in... again!