Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Adventures in Puppy-sitting!

While my sister and her hubby were on their honeymoon, we offered to watch their dog Scout for the week. Gracen and Hadley absolutely LOVE puppies, so this was perfect for them.

Hadley was very intrigued by Scout's kennel

She would hide underneath the slide outside when she would get tired

Love this, she couldn't escape the girls! She had a busy week!

Pooped by noon! She'd hide under the table and the girls would just crawl under there with her!

even right before bedtime Gracen had to get some Scout time in. I love this pic!

They literally chased each other around the yard all day. every day.

Gracen would just lay next to Scout and talk to her. No idea what she was saying!

Maybe this can convince Daddy we need a puppy soon :)


Kari said...

Such cute pics! Mason has a white spot too:)

shealennon said...

That was just too much cuteness. I loved the kennel picture, that's too funny.