Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's for dinner Wednesday

What's for dinner? Bacon cheeseburger meatloaf!!! Holy cow people this thing was amazing. Probably not the best for you, but I mean come on it's Paula Deen. So easy to throw together and pop in the oven, definitely on the top of my easy week night meals list. Click here for the recipe. Ac ouple of side notes, there was quite a bit of bacon in it, so next time I'll probably cut out a few pieces. And I forgot to buy the onions for the top, so we just did without and it was still D-licious!!
Just mix it all together (sidenote- I don't like touching raw meat so I used a fork, it worked quite nicely!)

Put it in a bread pan and cover with sauce and pop it in the oven!

Enjoy! That little slice was PLENTY for me, it's that rich. I just whipped up some mashed potatoes and heated up some green beans, and voila! dinner!!

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