Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Painting Pumpkins

After our trek to the pumpking patch, I was trying to decided whether or not to carve Gracen's pumpkin. But since it's her pumpkin I wanted her to be involved, and sharp objects and a 2.5 year old don't exactly mix. So I decided to let her paint it with some finger paints Hadley got for her birthday. This was a sight to be seen! She was SO funny while painting, she doesn't like to get dirty so I gave her a paintbrush instead of telling her to use her fingers, and every 10 seconds she was asking for a paper towel to wipe off her hands. The finger paints weren't the best idea either, out of 4 colors, the blue was the only one to show up on the pumpkin, so pretty much now we have a blue pumpkin :)

Can't wait to roast the seeds!!!

She was SO excited when I told her she got to paint her pumpkin!

Making sure even the bottom got some attention

I just want to eat her up! Who knew all we needed to get her to smile in a pic was a puppy or a pumpkin??

hahah I love this pic, this is one of the time's she was asking for a paper towel becuase she got some on her tummy

Hadley just got to watch, have a snack and play with her baby pumpkin. Rough life isn't it Had?

hehe Happy Wednesday! What's for dinner will be posted later!

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danielle said...

adorable! by the way i LOVE your girls names :)