Sunday, October 24, 2010

The wedding! (wedding extravaganza part tres)

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to go get bagels and head to the salon. All the bridesmaids and of course the bride got our hair done at Salon Sola. I loved the salon becuase they had individual rooms, so we were completely private and didn't have everyone else staring at us becuase we were a bridal party. My friend Krista from college came in from Wichita to do all our make-up, and she was fabulous. Everyone loved it! She did such a great job and it lasted all day. Bravo Krista!!

From the salon we headed to the Church to eat some Jimmy Johns (delish!) and get into our dresses. Steph and Matt decided not to see each other before the ceremony, which is awesome I love that tradition. The ceremony was beautiful and Gracen did AWESOME! She walked/ran down the aisle like a pro. Hadley was a little fussy during the ceremony, but the ol' hubby did awesome watching the 2 of them by himself.

Right after the ceremony was pictures and then on to the Trolley! My Aunt and Grandma were gracious enough to watch the girls for us so the Mr. could come on the trolley with the rest of us. The trolley was such a blast, we had champagne and beer and stopped a couple of places for pics. And the photographer did awesome. It was such a beautiful day out, that outside pics were no problem.

The ceremony was kind of a blur of feeding the girls, talking to family and friends and of course drinking! Daddy took the girls home around 9 (yay Daddy!) so I could stay and hang out. The food was absolutely yummy. There was tons of dancing and chatting and again champagne! The Sawyer room was gorgeous, definitely something out of a fairytale.

The whole day went so smoothly it was almost surreal. We had no issues (at least that I know of) and everyone had a great time. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Sharkany! So glad we got to help celebrate this special day!!

me and my sisters right before

isn't she gorgeous?

love this pic!!!

me and the hubs on the trolley

the new Mr. and Mrs. Sharkany!

champagne!! i love all their faces!

cheers to the mr. and mrs.!!

*the hubby took our cam home with the girls so unfortunately i don't have any pics of the reception. but take my word for it, it was spectacular!!

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