Monday, January 26, 2009

January Blues

Another January weekend has come and gone. And of course all last week we had beautiful almost 60 degree weather and then this weekend it was freezing! I am definitely getting spring fever.. cannot wait for the warmer weather!!

No exciting news for this week, FINALLY put together Gracen's room and it looks wonderful. Now only 6 more rooms to go before we move to the basement!! Will definitely have to put some pictures up.

Ms. Gracen is still teething so we're having some rough nights. Hopefully the lil teeth will come in soon.. only we still have a whole mouthful to go. Yikes.

Almost forgot, she has learned how to wave! Bye bye and hi are her new favs. And sometimes she even likes to wave to herself, silly girl. Don't know how to post videos on here or I would!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Good news!

Gracen's lab results came back clean as a whistle, and we are very thankful! She's very healthy and we're glad for that. It's been a very chilly week here, but glad that it's the weekend!! Nothing much exciting going on, just hopefully going to relax and watch Ms. G walk around!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Keeping optomistic..

This weekend has been very hectic, with a lot of sleepless nights. Ms. G had her 9 month check up on Friday and it did not go as well as we had planned. She only gained 1 lb and 7 oz, weighing now a grand total of 15 lbs and 7 oz. Even though she looks and acts healthy to me, she's not quite gaining weight at the speed she should be. She's moving down the charts rapidly and is currently in the less then 3% category. She's grown an inch in the last 3 months, measuring 26 in. now! (In my eyes she's growing!) But she's only in the 25% for height. Since Gracen had a cold on Friday, they decided not to give her any shots, of course the day Mom doesn't go!

This morning I went to go get her blood drawn which was not a fun event. She was a brave little girl, far braver then I am. Poor girl had to watch the blood being drawn out of her arm in between glances at me. I could tell she was thinking "why are you letting them do this to me woman?!?" As soon as it was all over, she was a little shaken up, but a trooper like usual.

She's getting tested for a number of things, we'll know the results tomorrow for all but one, but we're optomistic, she is all over the place, walking-crawling-giggling, and most always happy! Will keep everyone posted though!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

HaPpY NeW YeAr!!

Christmas has come and gone, all too quickly! With the flu going around, all the traveling, hardly seems like we got a break at all. But it truly was wonderful, and I can't wait for it to come around again next year!

The Sunday before Christmas we went to the Rockettes at the sprint center, and man was it cold! It was a wonderful show, and I think Gracen enjoyed it the most out of all of us! Aunt Jaime came back to T-town with us to babysit G, and Gabe ended up getting sick with the flu and staying home Monday, unfortunately I got it Monday night! So we sent Aunt Jaime and Aunt Stephanie home to KC so they didn't get the sickies. Not a very fun way to spend our anniversary :( But luckily it lasted less then 24 hours!

Christmas eve we drove to KC and it was very difficult to keep Ms. G away from the presents! Luckily we opened most of them before she went to bed, and boy was she excited. Not just for the presents, but the wrapping paper and bows mostly! She got too many new toys, a chair just for her (that she adores) her first baby doll, and many others. The rocking horse (worm) that we got her, she's a little weary about, not quite ready to rock on it, but definitely likes the music and colors that light up on it!

Christmas day we drove to Iowa, and luckily the weather was on our side becuase the roads weren't bad at all. And Gracen decided to give us a Christmas present and sleep the whole way there! Had a lovely time seeing all the fam, but it all went by too fast as usual. Friday morning it was back to KC. We bought Gracen her first big girl car seat, and FINALLY put it in the car this week! She loves it, looking around at everything from her new view. Although she still has to sit backwards, we can't wait to turn her around.

New Year's Eve this year was low key, went over to Gabe's sister's house, which G always adores becuase she loves playing with her cousins. Haven't done anything else too exciting, just trying to get around to putting the finishing touches on Gracen's nursery!

On to some very exciting news.... Gracen took her first step! She's very sturdy on her feet, and every once in a while she'll take one or two. It is so funny to see how excited she gets, truly amazing to watch. She'll be running before no time, watch out world!