Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby it's cold outside..

We had a crazy weekend! Friday night we watched the Grinch, trying to get Daddy in the Christmas spirit :)

Saturday we went to the Christmas parade in Lawrence, and boy was it cold! I'm not quite sure how much Gracen really enjoyed it because she couldn't quite see. They were all antique horse drawn carriages and it was quite fun. We then went to lunch with Uncle Adam, and watched part of the KU game. Uncle Adam can't wait till she's running and talking and can teach her naughty things! :)

Sunday Aunt Nanie came up to see our new house, and played with Gracen. G was feeling a little under the weather, and Aunt Nanie's visit perked her up. Can't wait to see her again in 2 weeks! Sunday night her Streit cousins came over to play and Aunt Tasha. They hadn't seen the house either. It certainly increased the noise level :) But it was fun. Had a little pizza party.

Monday morning Gracen woke up with a terrrible cold, so I stayed home with her. Poor little baby didn't want to eat, could hardly breath, and woke herself up coughing everytime she feel asleep. Hardly let me put her down. But I did manage to get most of our presents wrapped, so underneath our tree doesn't look so bare anymore. But now she just wants to get the presents all the time! Hey who doesn't like shiny ribbons? By the time Daddy got home she was feeling better so at least she got to play with him for a while!

Back to the weekly grind of work :( Can't wait for this weekend to do some Christmas shopping and relax!

Monday, December 1, 2008


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... and I'm lovin every minute of it! I cannot get enough of the music, the trees, the lights, everything! I can't wait to start making my treats. We put up our Christmas tree a couple weeks ago, and Gracen loved it. There was just enough room for her to sit underneath it, and she loved the lights. She didn't even try to pull off the ornaments or topple the tree on top of her. Such a well mannered baby, she definitely gets that from me! haha.

The second week we had it up was a different story. After going over to her cousins house with their tree up, she saw them try to get their ornaments and tug on the tree, so she proceded to follow suit and try to get ours. Luckily we didn't buy anything too expensive, and the ornaments are plastic so they won't break.

We had a great Thanksgiving, went back to Gabe's parents farm, and it was very loud. 11 grandchildren is a lot! All under the age of 10! Travis (Gracen's godfather) got to spend some QT with lil G, and I went ahead and told him we just found ourselves a new babysitter since he'll be going to school in Lawrence! Aunt Andi took some pics with her new camera, and they turned out great... I smell a Christmas card!!! Hopefully I'll be able to post some of them soon.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Gracen's 1st Halloween!

Gracen gettin ready for her first K-State game!

Spencer (the knight) and Addie (the fairy)
The cutest lil lady bug there ever was!
Friday was Ms. Gracen's 1st Halloween! In the morning she wore her Halloween outfit (we could not wear her costume becuase she probably would have thrown up all over it by lunch). She did enjoy the plastic pumpkin we bought for her. I was lucky enough to have the afternoon off on Friday, so I cleaned the house a little bit before the festivities began.

Around 5 or so we put Gracen's costume on. She even had little wings on the back. She was very excited to see all the trick-or-treaters with their costumes, and we met some other people that live in the neighborhood so that was fun. Gracen zonked out pretty early, so unfortunately she missed her Strecker cousins costumes.

Saturday morning we went to Lawrence for the KU/K-State game, luckily it was perfect weather for Gracen's first game (considering it was November), unlucky however were the Cats. We'll have to go to many more games for her to erase that memory!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! I am very excited for Gracen to dress up for her first Halloween. She will by far be the cutest lady bug there ever was. Although she is a little young to go trick or treating, it will be very fun for her to see all the costumes of the little trick-or-treaters that will come to our house! (Yay for having our house before Halloween!)
Last Friday we went for her 6 month check up, and the little lady weighed in at a whopping 14 lbs! Obviously we need to fatten her up a bit becuase babies are supposed to have doubled their birth weight by 6 months and she was over 9 lbs when she was born! We're not too worried though, she continues to eat very well, trying more and more new foods each week. She has grown considerably taller, measuring 26 inches.
Hope everyone has a great weekend and a safe Halloween, and of course... GO CATS!

Monday, October 20, 2008

My princess is 6 months!

Cannot believe it's been more then 6 months already! Gracen is doing wonderful, and has settled in quite nicely to her first home. I was a little worried how she would react to her new environment becuase she's a little restless when we go on over night visits. She has reached quite a few milestones already, it's all gone by so quickly. She's army crawling all over the living room, and has recently discovered the tile floor of the kitchen which she enjoys slapping, she loves the sound it makes. She's started eating lots of new fruits including bananas in oatmeal, apples, peaches and blueberries. She is starting to talk up a storm, Dada Mama and yayayaya. She learns her screaming from cousin Addie :) Her 6 month appointment is next week, and we are excited to see how much she weighs and how tall she is now! Although we are not very excited for the shots! Here are a few photos we got taken of her at 6 months!