Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I think I'll go to Boston (Day one!)

Every year I certainly make sure to celebrate my birthday. But this year I was turning the big 3-0. So not only did we have a fabulous birthday bash (celebrating all the summer bdays) but me and my sisters planned a celebratory girls trip to Boston.

Why Boston you ask? Why NOT Boston?! I love the East Coast, and had yet to leave my mark on Boston. Originally the trip was planned for July (just a few weeks post my bday) with a trip to Fenway on the itinerary. Well we drug our feet a little due to airfare prices and kind of missed our window for July. So we decided potentially September - hello East Coast in the Fall! But then the heavens opened and all the stars aligned. A perfect weekend in August opened up when... the ROYALS would be playing the Red Sox. DONE. Signed, sealed, delivered. We were in!

And if that wasn't enough of a sign that it was all meant to be, on the way to the airport the amazing people behind Freely Given Movement posted free Starbucks. So with my free iced coffee in hand I boarded the plane. Where the entire plane started to chant 'Let's Go Royals!'. This was one of those moments that are reserved for the movies. It give me goosebumps! It was so surreal. Birthday weekend was off to a fabulous start!

We gathered our luggage and navigated our way to our hotel (a big thank you to the actual navigator - Stephanie, I just happily followed).

We walked around and explored the city for a while, it was absolutely beautiful. And even though we were there for 4 days, I'll definitely be back again.

Once again Stephanie exceeded all expectations with her research and preparations for the trip. So if you're ever in need of a good travel buddy - she's your gal. We browsed Newbury Street (gorgeous), and ate at Shake Shack. Unbelievably good. I don't even know how to describe it that's how good it was. Burgers and chocolate shakes? I was in birthday heaven. Oh and while we were waiting for our food, I found a heads up penny. Of course I instagrammed it with the 'find a penny pick it up all the day you'll have good luck' caption, and then... I FOUND FIVE DOLLARS. I'm not even joking. Again - this day just kept getting better and better!

After a little more wandering, we ended up starting a mini pub crawl and watching the Royals game. Also - a note for next time, I should've just worn Royals stuff all weekend. But anyways. The Royals bit it big time that night, so I'm pretty thankful we didn't have tickets for Friday night's game. Despite the loss, the drinks were delish (give me ALL the sangria margaritas!!). But after stuffing my face with burgers and shakes and traveling all day, the mini pub crawl was cut short and we headed back to the hotel for the night. #oldpeopleproblems

Stay tuned for Day Two!