Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Day I met Ree

I don't have very many people that I would consider a true role model. Sure there are many many different people I look up to that have certain qualities that I admire, but nobody's perfect right? Well very high on my list is The Pioneer Woman. And a couple weeks (ok months) ago I got to meet her.

First I have to back pedal a little to last April. She was going on a book signing tour for her new cook book food from my frontier. So that quickly topped my birthday wishlist. Unfortunately her tour did not include a stop in KC. (Ree what's up with that?). The closest she came was Wichita, and again unfortunately for me it was on a Thursday morning and I couldn't miss work. As I was scanning the tour dates wallowing in self pity, I saw that she was doing a signing in Dallas. And I just so conveniently happen to have a sister residing in the great neighboring Fort Worth. So I politely requested a signed copy of the cookbook for my birthday from said sister.

So the wonderful sister that she is, drove her happy self to Dallas on a Saturday morning, cookbook in hand, only to be told at the Sam's Club (where the signing was) that only member's were allowed in. Say what?! Ree dear, why on earth would you be having signings in places that are not open to the public? (side note: through this process I learned that she doesn't choose the places where the signings occur - she's invited places, so it's really not her fault, it's Sam's Clubs!) So my lovely sister (seeing as how we are related) did not just hang her head and start for home. She immediately e-mailed PW regarding her dissapoinment, explaining the situation that this was a gift etc. And much to her and my surprise, she heard back almost instantly and Ree was going to send a new signed book to her (me) for free, and was very sorry for our troubles. I was tickled pink, and it was a great birthday!

Fast Forward to a couple weeks (ok months) ago and I found out she was having a book signing for her childrens Christmas book in KC. I was besides myself with excitement! So be this time my sister has since moved back to KC, and was going to accompany me to the KC signing. Ree did not dissapoint.

This was my first signing for anything (unless you count Stephanie Tanner at those festivals they use to have) so I didn't really know what to expect. She had a whole presentation regarding her and her family, and then signed Charlie books/cook books.

When it was FINALLY our turn (2 1/2 hours later - totes worth it) I of course being the cheesball person that i am took my first photo with her with my already signed birthday cookbook, and then another one without it. And she's every bit as lovely in person as she seems online. It definitely takes a special type of person to live out in the bfe, homeschool 4 kiddos, and create books and cookbooks all while running her own business on her website!

So if you're still reading this - thanks!

That's me holding the previously signed book - she got a kick out of the fact that I brought it. Also I took this one with my phone and of course it was blurry. But don't worry I brought my actual camera as backup!