Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's for dinner Wednesday

With this absolutely gorgeous fall weather, I decided on something equally fall for dinner. Chicken pot pie empanadas. And boy do they live up to that name. Now I love chicken pot pie's from the store, and they are like 50 cents. BUT they are super bad for you. So I got this lovely version from Real Simple. And A) it was real simple and B) SO MUCH BETTER THAN STORE BOUGHT!!! It called for a store bought rotissere chicken, which would make this recipe even easier, but I decided to cook my own chicken breasts, because the rot. chicken was like $8.
Just seasoned my chicken with salt and pepper and cooked in some olive oil

sauteed my onion in a bit of butter

added some flour, chicken broth, veggies and shredded my chicken

Put them in some quartered pie crusts (I know I missed a pic of that step but my one year old needed some attention! hehe) Put them in the oven at 400 for 20 mins and...

VOILA! Can you just see that yummyness oozing out?!? Seriously these are SOOOO delicious!!!


danielle said...

i am CRAVING this! i can't wait to try it!

thanks for your congrats on our first house!! :)

shealennon said...

Yum!!! This looks delicious--I'm definitely going to try this.

Kelly said...

What a great idea!!! They look awesome!