Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You can go home again

A couple weekends ago I headed West to good old Manhattan to watch the KSU/ISU game in Aggieville with some of my sorority sisters. It was some much needed adult time, as well as catching up with friends.

It was very surreal being back there out at the bars. I've been gone 3 years now, and everytime I enter Aggieville it's as if I never left. I'm 18 years old all over again. I expect to see just about everyone I've ever met wandering from bar to bar, when in reality I don't really know anyone there anymore. Tear. I also realized that when you get together with friends to catch up, I truly was back in my 18 year old mind frame. The gossip was unbelievable. Not that I didn't enjoy it (sometimes it's good to feel young again people!) But I've entered a whole new life stage where the most important things are did my kids eat enough? Are they watching too much TV? Does this bump require a trip to the hospital? My thoughts and conversations revolve around these 2 little girls. While just a couple short years ago it was filled with SHE DID WHAT? She hooked up with WHO? So it was nice to get back to that. If even for a short time.

I only got to hang out for a few short hours (seriously it seemed like 20 minutes!) And while I might have been in an 18 year old mind frame, I can no longer drink like that. One more drink and it wouldn't have been pretty. I got home around 7, had some pizza for dinner and passed out went to bed at 8 pm. I'd call that a success!

Here's a few pics from my friends, I didn't drag the ol' DSLR because I would probably have broken/lost it and it wouldn't have been pretty the next day when I realized it.

I could've sworn we got one of the 4 us, but that just means we have to do it again! :)

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Anonymous said...

Awww...I feel the same way about Aggieville!! Man, I love that town. :)