Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tagged again!

Kari over at The Busy Busbys tagged me in another set of questions! Wahoo!

1.  You can only pack three things on vacation. What are they?
Definitely sunscreen, becuase this lady burns easily! Toothbrush, becuase I can't stand yucky teeth, and my credit card, so I can buy everything I else I need there :)
2.  Where would that vacation be?
PARIS!! I'm trying to save up for a trip to Paris for my 30th bday. (I've got 4.5 years to go!)
3.  Where was your 1st plane ride to?
I'm not entirely sure it was my first but the first one I remember was when we flew to Florida to go to Disneyworld! I was in 3rd grade and it hurt my ears so bad I might have had a slight panic attack and had to breath into the oxygen mask thingys.
4.  Do you prefer turkey or ham for Christmas?
Definitely ham, turkey is reserved for Thanksgiving!
5.  When is the earliest you shop for Christmas presents?
All year round. Some great presents I've found at after Christmas sales, and I've held onto them all year long.
6.  What is your favorite comfort food?
Oh that is not an easy answer. I LOVE FOOD. but some favs would have to be brownie sundae's, pickles (weird i know), and just about any sort of pie.
7.  You have a shopping spree to any store you want.  What is that store?
8.  What movie makes you cry any time you watch it?
Steel Magnolias. I've seen it a million times, and everytime it gets me. Definitely one of those movies that I know every line to, and never get tired of.

I only have so many followers, and I've already tagged everyone once, so if you'd like to play along please do! Just take these same questions and write your answers!

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Kelly said...

I love pickles too! :) Great answers!