Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner (wedding extravaganza part deux)

Friday night of the wedding weekend we had the rehearsal at Queen of the Holy Rosary, followed by dinner at 75th St. Brewery. The rehearsal was beautiful, and dinner was delicious! We also celebrated my Dad's brother and sister's birthday (they're twins). It was all so wonderful and fast, hard to believe it was 2 weeks ago!

Aunt Jaime and silly Gracen

I'm absolutely obsessed with her dress!

my sweet Hadley girl

Gracen practicing her walk down the aisle

Steph and my Dad practicing their walk

Hadlye is so obsessed with cups with straws it's crazy!

with Aunt Nanie at dinner

Of course the night wouldn't be complete without a family photo. Oh my long hair!! haha all gone now!


shealennon said...

You girls all look gorgeous!!

Kelly said...

Great pictures! You all look beautiful!