Monday, November 22, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

This week's top 2 Tuesday is wish list!
um.. yes please!!!
(does everything on Oprah's favorite things list count? no? psh)

Link up!

For this I chose one practical thing, and one not so practical thing

Vaccuums!!!! I know I'm getting old when that is on my wish list. I won't get into why our vacuum has to go, but let's just say it's BAD. So I would looooove a Dyson ball vaccum, hello no bags! And to be really selfish, I would love a Roomba vac on the side!! My cleaning life would be so much easier!

Isn't she a beaut??? And purple too, yes please!

Hands free vacuuming, YES PLEASE! I'd say the Mr. would WAY rather have this vacuum then a dog. Are you reading this love? I'll stop bugging you about a dog if we had one of these :) HAHA

Any of these sparkly numbers! I've already posted them last week, but with the holidays so close and decorations going up all over the place, I just want to get my hands on all this glitter!!

all images can be found at
and unfortunately for me, I in no way shape or form got paid, or got free stuff for endorsing this sparkly awesomeness. But if you're listening Limited, I would love to! haha


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

love your picks!

Anonymous said...

I am getting old too..... I want bed sheets! :o}

Those vacuums are the bomb!!

star said...

Those vacuums look super sophisticated! Maybe I'll want to vacuum if I had one of those! Have a great day!

Kelly said...

I love all the Limited pieces!

Kit said...

Great choices! I could use a new vacuum as well!

The Lucky Mama said...

Fun.. I have a Dyson but not the ball one but my SIL does & I love it more then my reg one.

Emma said...

I saw that skirt in the store this past week - it is beautiful! Love the glittery picks! :)

allie-mac-fallie said...

we just purchased the Ball with our wedding gift cards! its super awesome :) and if you are seriously considering Bed Bath and Beyond let us use the 20% off coupon that saved us 100dollars!!! :)

katmcd said...

I love that sparkly scarf!

danielle @ take heart said...

i NEEEED a vacuum. i have no idea how mine is still working!