Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

Today's top 2 tuesday, favorite jobs!

I don't know if this counts as a job persay, but in my sorority I was the social chair.
and i loved it!! i got to plan all the parties, and design all the t-shirts, sweatshirts and party favors.
it wasn't paying obvi,  but it was still a blast!

Being a stay at home Mommy!!! I don't ever have to worry about being late for work (only for doc appts!)
I get to play with girls all day long.
and I am my own boss!
i've been extremely blessed to be able to stay home. LOVES IT!


Caroline said...

Being social chair for your sorority is definitely a job! What sorority were you in? I'm an ADPi. :)

black tag diaries said...

i didn't do the sorority thing... but i was the social chair for a business fraternity that i was in... so fun to be the "official" party planner:)

Kelly said...

Yea for stay at home mom as a job! Totally is the hardest one out there - with no lunch breaks!