Thursday, November 4, 2010

Problems with the Paci

When Gracen was born, she loved her paci from day one.
It was and obsession after that.
When she was around 18 months old, she only got it at nap time and night time.
Then about a month before she turned 2, we took it away.
Cold turkey.
I know we're cruel!
But she did awesome.
Never begged or cried for it.
After a couple days forgot about it.

When Hadley was born, she did not like the paci.
Which was good.
Don't have to worry about taking one away!
Don't have to worry about Gracen taking it from her!
But when she was 6 months old,
She finally took to it.
And the only reason I kept trying to give it to her,
was becuase she was a very fussy baby.

Now these past couple days,
Gracen has been finding them, and hiding in the corner.
With a paci in her mouth.
And I'm not exactly sure how to discipline her.

So I've been thinking it might be time to start weening Hadley off the paci.
She's not as dependent on it as Gracen was.
Which is a plus.
So hopefully it won't be hard for her either.
I'm going to start with slimming down to nights and nap time.
I would just take it away all together,
but with the Holiday's coming up..
I don't need a constantly screaming bebe.

So Lord give me strength,
because I feel I've got a lot of rough nights ahead of me!

I'm sure I'm going to have lots of stories to share!!

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Kelly said...

Oh no! Good luck!!