Friday, November 19, 2010

The noon battle

almost every single day i dread lunch time
its a constant battle with gracen
and dinner time too for that matter
hadley eats everything i give her in about 2 minutes flat
i'm praying she stays that way

these past 2 days have been a different story
either gracen has miraculously decided not to be a difficult eater..
or i've stumbled upon 2 things that she'll actually eat

yesterday we had breakfast for lunch
i had my back to her doing the dishes for about 2 or 3 minutes
i turned around and her plate was EMPTY
now at first i thought she dumped it on the floor or sneakly placed it on hadleys tray
but no, she ate it. ALL of it
and then asked for more!

then today, same thing!
she ate all of her lunch without whining or me shoving it in her mouth
and asked for more!!

please let this be a trend,
becuase i HATE the noon battle!


Katie said...

I hate lunch time too! I swear my kids eat the same lunch every day. I need to liven it up a bit. What do you usually feed your kids??

The Thibault Fam said...

haha im pretty standard around here, pb&j, grilled cheese, mac & cheese (none of these are the healthiest i know!) but yesterday we had sausage links for lunch and she ate FOUR of them haha normally she'll eat one bite of anything and be say done! then today i made "pasta salad" it was just garden rotini noodles with italian dressing and some cheese cubes, and she ate a TON of it. again not the healthiest, but if she's eating I'm not complaining!!