Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Excuse me while I eat some pie

One of the best parts about the arrival of fall and cooler weather,
is that I get my oven back!
No it didn't go anywhere, but in the summer heat, I try to steer clear of the oven.
But when the temp drops, the oven is the first thing I turn to come dinner time (or dessert time!)

So, of course the first thing I wanted to do was bake a pie!
I love pie.
Just about every kind.
But one that ranks verrry high on my list is Pecan.
I have never ever made a pecan pie before, so I was really nervous.
Just looking at them, the look kinda tricky.
Turns out they're pretty simple!
At the least the recipe I found.

It ended up being a perfect Fall treat, served warm with vanilla ice cream.

I just love the way baking makes your house smell, and it warms everything up!
Next on my list is to conquer an apple pie.
Unfortunately it's the Mr's favorite.
I say unfortunately becuase it's just about THE hardest pie to make.
Apple pie lover's are picky!


Stephanie said...

Looks yummy! Thanks for following me...I'm returning the follow.

LivKit said...

Haha too cute! The pie looks really yummy!

shealennon said...

And my mouth is watering!! This looks delicious!

Jenny said...

I would agree that Pecan pies are about the easiest to make, but not one of my favs at all! I'm with your hubby and love apple pie, but I think they are really easy (especially when you have the apple corer, peeler thing that sits on your counter)!

Jordan said...

YUM! Pecan pie is my favorite and so impressive!