Monday, November 15, 2010

Miscellany Monday

It's Miscellany Monday time over at Carissa's!

what a CRAZY weekend. it was so jam packed, i can't even believe it's already Monday, and I'm desperately trying to catch up on everything.. laundry, dishes, cleaning, blogging!

Happy birthday (on friday) to my brother! I can't believe he's already 22, it seriously feels like I just turned 22!

Friday night Aunt Nanie and Uncle Matt (and of course Scout the puppy) came to visit! We had a great time eating yummy food (esp. snickers cheesecake for dessert!), watching Toy Story 3, chatting, and of course a little drinking.

Saturday night was a girls night out for me, with some of my neighborhood mommy friends. we had a GREAT time, let's just say 99 cent margaritas were involved :)

I got carded at the mexican restaraunt for a margarita, I was excited, made me feel young :)

at the bar we went to someone was guessing our ages and he guessed 2 years older then I actually am... ouch, made me feel old :( haha

Sunday we got out pictures taken outside! I can hardly WAIT to see the results, I'm only a wee bit impatient like that!!

holy november! next week is Thanksgiving, really?!?!? this not only excites me, but it's pure madness, that means Christmas is literally RIGHT around the corner!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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