Wednesday, March 3, 2010

T-Rex take 2!

So the last post was titled T-Rex for a reason, I'm not crazy. Well.. not that crazy. I was going to write about the whole weekend, but realized just talking about taking away Gracen's paci was long enough. So anyhoo. On Saturday we drove to KC to look for "big girl" furniture for Gracen at NFM. (Nebraska Furniture Mart). I love NFM, I could walk around for days and days and that still wouldn't be enough. After picking out some bunk beds and a new dresser, we headed to T-Rex for lunch w/ Papa, Michelle, Aunt Nanie and future Uncle Matt. There was so much to look it, and I think Gracen was still a wee bit scared of the loud noises and giant dinosaurs. Although we do enjoy Dinosaur Train on PBS.

We were thinking about making her one of the stuffed animals (like at build-a-bear, only build-a-dino) but the girl already has a million stuffed animals, and when Gabe brought her to look at them she wasn't interested in creating the dino, but the accessories. All she kept pointing to were the shoes. She is my daughter after all!

Here's a couple o pics from the lunch, they had these awesome fish tanks right in the middle of the tables and tons of life size dinos all over the restaraunt.

Hadley girl just hangin out with Papa

Gracen and Daddy looking at the fish tanks (you can't really see the fish tank, bad lighting)

Is she not just the cutest thing you ever did see? Besides Gracen of course!

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