Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Room

So last Friday we FINALLY got to pick up the bunk beds (after a MONTH, this lady=not happy). We put them together Saturday morning, then Sunday bought some new sheets, and some bed rails for Gracen so the poor girl doesn't fall out. Sunday night Gabe laid down with Gracen so she wouldn't be scared/so she wouldn't jump out of bed every 2 seconds since she's no longer confined by her crib. To say the least it didn't go well. I don't think it was becuase Gracen didn't want to sleep in her "big girl bed" but becuase she was so excited that Daddy was laying down with her. The few times she's gotten to sleep in our bed, she's done the same thing to me all night long. Every 5 minutes "Hi Mommy, Mommy.. HI!" She thinks it's play time. So on Monday we had a very tired Gracen, and a verry tired Daddy.

Monday afternoon she took a nap in her big girl bed, and did really well. So Tuesday night we were a little hesitant, but she went to sleep all by herself in her big girl bed and didn't wake up once! Hooray, success!

It's an even bigger success becuase we moved Hadley into the crib, hooray! So they're now sharing a room for the time being until we can finish the basement. Right now we want to keep a guest room just in case we have any visitors so they don't have to sleep on the couch. I was a little nervous about Hadley waking up Gracen in the middle of the night since she's still up every couple hours, but sweet sweet Gracen slept right through. AWESOME.

This means we finally have our room back! It's been a rough 6 months with her sleeping next to the bed since she is such a light sleeper and Gabe kinda snores and I move around ALOT. So hopefully this arrangement keeps going as well as it has been!

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Stephanie said...

SUPER cute bunk beds! Growing up, I was always so jealous of my friends who had those! :)