Monday, March 15, 2010

No George Clooney's in T-town!

What a weekend... we survived our 1st trip to the emergency room, and let me tell you it was nothing like ER, and there certainly no George Clooney doctors walkin around.

This kiddos have been sick since last Sunday, and it has been a rough road. Gabe stayed home all week to take care of them, and we had 3 doctors visits. Apparently these doctors don't care about co-pays! Monday we went in for Gracen, and we were told she was good to go. Whilst there we had them check Hadley's ears and chest just in case. Also a clean bill of health. Fast forward to Thursday. Back to the doc again, this time Gracen had an ear infection, and Hadley again was a clean bill of health. Friday night, Saturday and Saturday night was intense. Hadley would just cry and cry. Inconsolable. Finally Sunday afternoon I couldn't take it anymore and back to the doctor's. Luckily our pediatrician is open on Sunday's. This time, no clean bill of health. Duh. She has really bad double ear infections, and was having trouble breathing. They gave her a breathing treatment and checked her oxygen. Not enough. Off to the ER we go!

Talk about a nervous wreck. I could handle the need for stitches, I could handle a broken bone. But my baby's not breathing? Not ok. They checked her for RSV(a respiratory virus), which she most likely has, which was causing her to have trouble breathing. Poor sweet Hadley. We did another breathing treatment, and luckily this time she slept through it. For those of you who don't know what that entails, it's a long hose that spits out steam with medicin in it out of a mask. Do you think a 5 1/2 month is content with a mask on? Uh no. After a very long day, we got discharged, and a prescription for the ears. What a week. I need spring ASAP!

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Jenny said...

No fun! I hope your girls get feeling better soon!