Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Gracen loves puppies. Our neighbor across the street has a little puppy, and everytime she hears it bark outside she runs to the door screaming puppy, puppy! Ruff ruff! It's so darn cute. I really think she's wearing Gabe down, she just looks up at him with her own puppy dog eyes and says puppy? with her hands up like "where's my puppy daddy?" if this wasn't such a busy year for us with weddings and such, I think this year could have been the year, but perhaps next year! I know she really wants a puppy, but I also know it will be me taking care of it! We'll see what the future holds!

HaPPy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

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Jenny said...

Every child needs a puppy, right?

About the cookbook, I initially was just throwing the idea around kind of kidding, but I think it could be fun/neat to do. Thoughts?