Monday, March 1, 2010

SpLiSh SpLaSh!

First off, Happy March! Second, what a weekend! Seriously where does the time go? We had a jam packed 3 days, and it's hard to believe it's Monday already. Unfortunately, Friday night I didn't get to make my spinach and cheese stuffed shells, so I didn't get to cross it off my list. But on the bright side, we got to go swimming! By "we" I mean Gabe and Gracen, I don't even own a swimsuit at this point in my life, and it was pretty much Hadley girls bedtime. So we sat nicely on the side and watched Daddy and Gracen attempt to swim. Gabe's niece (and goddaughter) Sierra turned 11 on Friday so they went and got a room at the Holiday Inn to go swimming. The one here has a big ol' waterslide, and we thought Gracen might have fun, and we always like to have play time with cousins.

This is her attempting to enter the pool, it was pretty chilly water, she went futher in then I thought she would!
This is her "caught in the headlights look". Soon after we were out of the pool.

Instead of the big pool, we headed over to the hot tub where she had some fun w/ her cousin Noah. He's 3 months older. Showin some love, such a sweetheart!!

She finally warmed up to the hot tub. She loved the bubbles, and by the time she was really having fun it was time to go home :(

But we did have a really great time! And there's much more to blog about including getting rid of the Paci!! But that's all the time I have right now, so I guess you'll just have to stay tuned!

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