Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekend in Wichita

Yes I know it's been awhile since I've blogged, but it's very hard to keep 2 kids under somewhat control, keep the house in decent shape and feed 4 hungry people, and manage to find some time to blog when I'd rather be sleeping. Ha!

This past weekend the hubs didn't have to work on Saturday so we went to visit his sister in Wichita. Saturday morning his 2 nephews had a swim meet, so we went to watch. It was super hot outside, but luckily we were sitting in the shade and with a slight breeze it was nice to be outside. Gracen happily played away with her cousin Lola, while Hadley desperately tried to escape chilled out max in her stroller.

Gracen had a BLAST playing with Lola. They played dressup for just about the entire time we were there. Loves princesses, and shoes and dresses. They were quite amusing to watch together.

Saturday night I got to see a bunch of AX's! It was soo good to see everyone, and we had an awesome time singing karaoke. Definitely need to see those ladies way more often. Shout out to K Mo who said she reads this but never leaves me any comments!

Here's a few photos of the kiddos playing, but I didnt bring the hunk of the DSLR to the bar, so no photos of karaoke, I know I know you're dissapointed.

they found a puppy to play with at the swim meet

just playin on the playground

look at those chompers!

LOVES the princess dresses

such turkeys!!

hadley was not going to be left out of the fun!

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Katie (K Mo) said...

I honestly do read it! But....I never knew if you should fess up to and admit to reading it?!? I feel like I am stalking....but I am not going to quit...haha! I am glad I got to see you! Your girls are their mama!