Monday, July 26, 2010

Anotha bachelorette bash

This past weekend I had another bach. party to attend. I know, I know, I am turning into a party animal! Not really. We headed down to Wichita Friday night and our girlies woke us up at the wee hour of 6 am on Saturday. Yay! not. So it was a rough start to the day. We attempted to go to the zoo to kill some time in the morning, but A) we didn't bring the stroller to make sure we had room for the eleventy billion suitcases it requires to travel with 2 small children. and B) it was sort of expensive if you're only going in for an hour. So instead we headed to McD's for some breakfast and over the the Mr's bro and future Mrs' house.

Around 1:30 we headed out to the lake with lots of adult beverages in tow. We were supposed to have a boat and 2 jet skis but the boat broke down or something or other so we just had the 2 jet skis. Which was a bummer for me bc I'm still wearin my glasses and I was not about to A) lose them in the lake, or B) go out there blind as a bat. But I did float around in the lake a lil bit.

Around 5:30 it started thunder and lightning so we headed back to Susie's house to barbecue and open some gifts. It was quite humorous. (the gifts that is). One of the things she did was to name all her lingerie, and then on the honeymoon her new hubby gets to pick what she wears just by the list of names. I thought that was a neat idea. Then they asked her some questions to see how well she knew her future hubs and everytime she got it wrong she took a shot, and everytime she got it right she got to pass one out. Let's just say she was more than tipsy before the game was over. Haha.

By the time all that was done it was around 9:30, and this lady had been up since 6, drunk in the afternoon and in the sun for a couple hours and was pure exhausted. So I headed back to my hubs and babies and went to bed. Some of the other girls stayed and went to the bars. I would ordinarily have loved to go, but when you have to wake up early the next day to 2 sassy ladys demanding things from you, you think twice.

Overall it was a great time, and quite humorous. Hope Susie had a good time! Can't wait for the wedding in 2 weeks!

Susie made me take a jello shot- let's just say there wasn't much "jello" to the shot

the whole group-too bad we're all exhausted and in jammies at this point!

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