Thursday, July 22, 2010

ViVa LaS VeGaS!!!!!!!!!!!

This past weekend was a girls trup to Vegas for my sister Stephanie's bachelorette party. It.was.awesome. It was definitely some long days of traveling, considering we were literally only there for 48 hours, but totally worth it. My 2 favorite part of the trip were definitely rhoulette (sp?) and the buffet!! I came out even on the gambling, not bad for a first timer I'd say! And we found a D-licious 24 hour buffet for $40. That's 4 meals for $40. In Vegas. I'm talking 12 courses. Definitely a steal. Here's a few pics to commemerate.
We stayed at THE Caesars Palace, and it was unfortunately not the "real" haha
Steph opening her gift from me. PURE CLASS.

Just a GLIMPSE of the yummy buffet. You should've seen the desserts!
limo ride!

Nothin like a little champagne to get the trip started right!
When I was actually winning! At one point I was up $100

The fabulous swim up casino/bar at our pool!

It was such a great weekend, seems like we were hardly even there, can't wait to go back!

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