Thursday, July 8, 2010

LeT's CeLeBrAtE!

I love birthdays. And within one week, we've got 4 birthdays! Mine is June 25th, Matt (Steph's fiance) is the 28th, my Dad's is the 30th and the hubs is July 2. So instead of trying to make it out to celebrate 4 times, we headed to Lawrence Saturday night to celebrate all 4.

Gabe's brother and his new wife live in Lawrence, so they were nice enough to watch the girls while we had an adult dinner. We went to Teller's where the food isn't kid friendly, so we're very greatful they weren't busy! The food was yummy, minus I had the steak and asked for medium to med well and it came out charcoaled (but hey im pretty picky about my steak). They had delicious drinks, drool worthy appetizers, I could barely eat my entree.

Afterwards we headed to Sylas & Maddy's. It's a homemade ice cream shop on Mass St and After so much great food and drinks at dinner I didn't know if I'd be able to eat any ice cream, but once you're in there you just can't say no. I had the strawberry cheesecake, in the smallest size possible, and it was PLENTY. They also have a shop in KC in Prairie Village, and the story behind them is really neat. So if you're ever in Larry town or PV, and in the mood for ice cream, I highly recommend it!

All in all another great celebration! I LOVE my birthday!! (And of course the other 3's too ;)

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