Friday, July 9, 2010

My little imagineers!

Seriously sometimes I forget the power of the imagination. Having kids really brings you back to a time where your imagination is at its finest. Honestly, I get WAY more excited about toys then my kids do. There current favorite toys include: the dishwasher (not going to be a fav when they're old enough to do the dishes!hah), the big boxes diapers come in, and an oversized plush chair. I'm not even kidding you. For Gracens birthday in April we bought her a Barbie 4-wheeler, powerwheel thing, and I was CERTAIN she was going to go bananas over it. Nope not a bit, she's scared of it! By the time she likes it she'll prob be too big. Good one Mom!

This morning while Hadley was napping I took Gracen out on the driveway to play. I drew her a hop-scotch on the driveway and she was seriously jumping around on it for a half hour. THIRTY MINUTES. In kid speak that's like an eternity. The only other thing that can capture her attention that long is Dora. And don't even get me started on Dora! She has all these other toys to play with outside and all the little lady wanted to do was jump.

God bless the imagination!

I LOVE this pic! She's mid air and was getting so mad I was trying to take her pic

This is Gracen's chair she got for Christmas 2 years ago with her name embroidered on it, and she loves it. So does Hadley haha, and Gracen gets SO mad when Hadley's playing on it!

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