Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Sweet Hadley

It's hard to believe how big Hadley is getting. It seems like yesterday I was in bed too excited to sleep the night before surgery. Now I see how big she's gotten and it's easy to say sure I want another baby! (Someday.) And then I remember the exhaustion, sleepless nights, and crying. Then I don't want any more. 2 is good for me! But we'll see what happens! In the mean time, here's what's goin on with my sweet sweet Hadley girl:

She's found her toes! I'm sure this would've happened much sooner, but since it's so friggin cold, and this winter we're up to our umpteenth blizzard of the season, Hadley has spent most of her first months all bundled up (minus bathtime). But lately I've been leaving her socks off for a couple minutes at a time to let her play, and she thinks this is hilarious. Oh how I long for the days when all it took was toes to entertain Gracen!

Hadley's finally mastered cereal! Well mastered might be taking it a step too far, but she's taking bites! Which is a huge relief to me, because that will hopefully help her start to sleep through the night. (For all you peops sans kids, cereal is way more filling and for longer then milk). Mama is exhausted and is definitely ready for a FULL night's sleep!


c and g said...

good to see you on blogger world! :) I saw your list below, and have you ever made a photo book online? I guess they aren't super cheap necessarily, but you could upload your photos on a site and they will fill them into a book for you to rearrange. It might be a good way to make a quick photo scrapbook when you don't have time! Hope you're doing well. Your family is very cute!

VL said...

I have to tell you that I just love the name Hadley. My first best friend was Hadley and it's such a sweet name.