Thursday, February 25, 2010

BuBbLe BaThs!

Last night Hadley had her FIRST "big girl" bath! Gracen was sooo excited to get to share this with her. Bath time is a favorite time at our house.

Everytime I gave Hadley a bath, Gracen would do such a good job helping with the shampoo and the rags, and everytime without fail she would try to hop in with Hadley!

This is a very exciting time for me, as the little baby bath we have kills my back. So yay for Hadley! I can't believe she'll be 5 months old on Sunday!!!

Gracen seriously would not leave her alone, we have a whole big bath tub and she literally wanted to be right next to her.

Such a sweet big sister!!!

Look at that sweet little face! How could you not just love her. And all her rolls! I still can't get over how much bigger she is then Gracen.

Don't get me wrong, she's by no means a big baby, she's still in less the 25%, but that's big to me considering Gracen was off the charts she was so teeny.

I just want to squeeze those cheeks all the time!!!

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