Thursday, February 11, 2010

The little Moments

It truly amazes me everyday how much Gracen loves Hadley. Everytime I get stressed out about having 2 little kids under the age of 2, I just look at them interacting and my heart melts. This morning, Hadley was playing on the floor and Gracen was playing peek a boo with her. As I was rushing to finish getting ready, I heard Gracen start to scream, and my initial thought was something bad happened, like she stepped on Hadley (leave it to me to think the worst!) When I got to the living room, Gracen was just worried that Hadley was "getting away". Hadley has recently started to roll all over the floor, and it worries Gracen that she's going somewhere. I tried my best not to laugh, Gracen just wasn't done playing yet and she thought Hadley was getting away. Oh kids. So easily amused. I love it!

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