Sunday, February 21, 2010

Big Girl!

Sometimes I honestly forget how big Gracen is getting. Being my first born I'm sure she's going to feel like I baby her pretty much her whole life. Which I probably will. But anyways, right now we are currently shopping for "big girl" furniture for Gracen's room. But were having a dilemma because we don't know what to get. When Hadley moves to the crib it will probably stay in Gracen's room. They're going to share for a while at least (we'll see how that goes). But I would like to get Gracen bunk beds. But there's no room for bunk beds and the crib. So do we get her a toddler bed that she'll only use for a year? Do we get bunk beds that can be seperate and also stack and store one in the basement? It is certainly a dilemma. I'm not sure how this one will turn out.

But on to the real reason for this post. To test if Gracen was ready to move to a "big girl" bed, we let her take a nap in the guest room on the big bed. When she woke up, we just heard a little knock on the door, she was nicely telling us to let her out!!! (haven't quite mastered opening up doors yet). What a sweet little girl.

Next up on the "big girl" list: Getting rid of the pacifier!!! LORD HELP US!

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Paige Elise said...

Ali and I shared a room with bunkbeds for YEARS - pretty fun time :)