Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DANGER! Toys really ARE us!

Even though Gracen's second birthday is still 6 weeks away (ah seriously that's not as much time as I thought!) I am currently shopping for her present. I just got out of Toys'R'Us, and that store is extremely dangerous to a mother who likes to spoil her 2 year old. I have to keep reminding myself 3 things:

1. She has a gazillion toys already.
2. She's only TWO
3. She doesn't care how fancy it is or how much the present cost, she generally likes the warpping paper and bows best (give her another year...)

So I'm trying not to go overboard, and that is extremely difficult considering all the sales, and the fact that Toys'R'Us has so many cool things. Every which way I look all I can think is "man I would've loved that as a kid!" And we all know that I except nothing but the best for my girls (and neither do their Aunts thank goodness or I'd be broke!) So in 6 weeks you'll know what I decided to get her!

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