Monday, September 20, 2010

Movie Review Monday

Since my last movie review we've watched quite a few, but I'll stick to 3. First up Clash of the Titans-

I find Greek Mythology somewhat interesting, so this was just an OK flick. Honestly it was lots more fighting and blah blah but it was somewhat educational as well. I wouldn't go screaming to the rooftops recommending it, but if there's nothing else out there, I'd say give it a try.

Next up The Princess and the Frog

I am sad to say that I was highly dissapointed in this Disney flick. I was really excited to see it, and so was Gracen. I felt like the previews for it were really misleading, so perhaps that's why it didn't go on my "have to own" list, but I will say Gracen definitely enjoyed the music and of course the "ribbit ribbits". I do like that Disney is getting back to their "cartoon" roots, but I'm going to need something a little more... princessy next time please!

Last but not least.. After.Life

This was of course a hubby pick, but I wasn't totally against it. Again I was infortunately dissapointed in it. I felt like the previews were misleading as well. We thought it was going to be a thriller, but turns out just some creep-os POV on what dead people are like. And I don't need to see what goes on behind the closed doors at the morticians thanks. This is more of an "artsy" if you will film, so if that's your cup of tea I would highly recommend it for you.

Anyone have any good suggestions on movies to rent? Love to hear em!

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