Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good for a Wildcat Victory!!!!

This weekend was the Wildcats home opener and I couldn't have been more excited. Football season is finally here! I looooove me some football, especially K-State. We debated for a while whether or not to actually go to the game, but in the end decided to stay home since our 2 little babes don't exactly like to be held. They prefer to be down and runnin and getting into just about everything. So we settled for dressing up in our purple best and hangin out on the couch all afternoon. Hoping to get to a game at least once this year though! Here's hopin!!

All Hadley's KSU stuff makes her look a wee bit boyish, so I made her wear a headband and snapped a pic as quick as I could, she's like lightning rippin that thing off!

Gracen wanted to make sure I got her flip-flops in the pic. haha. it was extremely difficult to watch my mouth around the kids watchin the game. Gracen would repeat EVERYTHING. There were a lot of "Come ons!" yelled by everyone hehe.

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danielle said...

your girls are adorable!