Thursday, September 2, 2010

Party at Aunt Nanie's!

This past weekend the girls and I headed to KC for a couple days so I could pick up my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding. (wahoo! only a little over a month to go!) And can I just say Gracen never wants to come home after we go visit there. To start off Friday morning, Aunt Nanie took her to go get donuts and spoiled her with lots of frosting sprinkles and chocolate milk.
Don't worry, she ate a bowl of oatmeal before hand. The girl only licked the frosting and sprinkles off, wasn't interested in the donut part!

Friday morning Uncle Matt had a garage sale, and Gracen was MORE than thrilled to stay outside and play with puppies. Aunt Nanie and Gammy were kind enough to throw her a dance party in the garage!
I love this picture, one of her signature dance moves is some karate kicking

just twirlin w/ gammy and baxter! lookin good nanie!

and this is when they taught her to do the sprinkler, haha i love her face. she was concentrating so hard!!

She is gonna cut a rug at the reception!!!

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