Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trying to beat the heat

Seriously what's with this weather? It's 102 outside today. I can't even breath when I walk outside to get the mail. It's virtually impossible to go anywhere. And forget takin my sweet girls outside to play. Even in the baby pool in the backyard, the water gets hot pretty quick. It's also not a good idea to take a baby out in this heat. Hadley girl gets over heated really easily, and nobody wants that.

About a week ago we ordered the girls a swingset. And I am so excited! We can go pick it up anytime now, but Daddy-O has to fix the truck in order to go get it and we've been out of town so much I'm getting so antsy about it! Bad news is, nobody wants to play in 102 degree heat on a hot swingset. So Mother Nature I am kindly asking you to kick it into high gear and give us a wee taste of fall this year. I feel as if you skipped over spring and we went from 30 degrees to 90. I'd like a couple months of 65-70 weather please! Is that so much to ask?   :)


Katie said...

Amen!!! I can't wait for fall. This 100+ weather is the pits!

Jenny said...

Hopefully only a few more days of this heat and then it cools down least that is what the weathermen are saying.

Katie Moldenhauer said...

UGHHHH. I agree! I hate this stupid heat. The part about you not being able to breath....funny! Very funny!