Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Thibault Wedding

This past weekend was Gabe's brother Blake's wedding in Salina. We headed West Friday morning to get there just in time for lunch and naps. We headed to the rehearsal, and Gracen was not interested at all in waiting patiently in line for her turn to walk down the aisle (she was the flower girl again) all she wanted to do was play with the other eleventy billion kids. So I was a little worried how she would do on Saturday considering Travis' wedding was a disaster. Dinner went smoothly (and by smooth I mean we had no major melt downs from our 2 year old or 10 month old) Mom and Dad even got to eat! I headed back to the hotel with the worn out girlies to go to bed while Daddy got to hang out with some of his fam and friends he hadn't seen in a while.

Saturday started off smooth sailing, had an easy breakfast at the hotel, and Daddy was off to pics around 9:30 (he was the best man). Gracen was due for pics at 11, so that left us plenty of time to get pretty and head over to the Cathedral. Unfortunately, when we arrived they were running really behind, so we sat around till noon (still no pics of Gracen were taken).

*Slight side note- now the unfortunate part of weddings is the time frame. My kids usually eat around 11:45 and are down for naps by 12:30, usually sleeping till 3:30. Now throw in a wedding at 2, with pictures before... the schedule unfortunately goes out the window.

Back to the weekend. Since pics were so delayed, I took the girls back to the hotel, where Hadley got a much needed nap, and Gracen and I ate lunch. By 1:30 when it was time to head back to the Church, Hadley was still sleeping and hadn't eaten yet. Ah such a dilemma! So Gracen got to go back with Aunt Hannah and Aunt Christina while I stayed with Hadley until she woke up and got to eat. We rushed to the Church, but unfortunately I missed my sweet Gracen walking down the aisle. I was so nervous for her, especially without me there! But luckily she got to walk right behind Daddy, so he was there just about the whole time helping her out.

And she did great! Well great in my opinion :) Apparently she did awesome until halfway down she ran out of petals to throw and tried to go back and get more. Haha. I'm sad I missed it! But third times the charm right? That means we'll be in perfect condition for Aunt Nanie's wedding in Oct.!

After the wedding we had to take pics since they were so behind beforehand, but it didn't take long. After that it was back to the hotel for me with the girlies so Gracen could finally nap. She was out before I even started to the car. We stayed and ate at the hotel, becuase I knew once we got to the reception all she would want to do is run around with the other kids. She had a blast eating cupcakes (frosting anyways) and dancing her little heart out. By 9 they were both dunzo and it was back to the hotel!

Are you exhausted yet??? It was quite a weekend, and we're definitely glad to be home. Congratulations to Blake & Susie, it was a beautiful wedding and a blast!

This was her "Cheese" face, it was impossible to get her to pose for any photos.

She was so excited to see Daddy since he had to leave early for pics

My sweet baby Hadley girl! She's gettin so big!!

Her partner in crime and cousin Addie

Sharin a banana with her cousin Camden

Family pic! (and Addie's head)

This lady conked out. She partied hard!

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