Thursday, August 26, 2010

Making the old new again

My girlies have a lot of toys. Not an obscene amount, but we're not hurting for them. Sometimes they'll sit for so long untouched, that I decided to start rotating them. The big toys anyways that otherwise just seem to be getting in the way.

For Christmas last year Gabe got Gracen a ten to play with and before it was even set up she was in love. But she also wanted me or Gabe to constantly get in it with her and crawl through the tube it came with (which btw- we don't fit). So she sort of lost interest. Once we bought the bunkbeds, there was no room in there for all the beds and the tent, so we put it on a short hiatus to the basment.

Today I decided to get it out again because as much as we love and try to be outside, it's hard for Hadley since she's not completely walking yet. She has to have on pants and shoes so that she doesn't scrape up her knees and little toes. Well the poor bambino gets hot pretty quick, so after a long walk and about an hour outside she's donezo.

So I tried to make inside just as exciting, and when I brought the tent up from the basement, you would've thought I was Santa Claus that's how crazy both girls went. And it has been non-stop climbing/running/diving/crawling all over the thing. It was difficult to get them to go nap, I had to promise Gracen it would still be here when she woke up. Ah to be 2 again.

Gracen loves that Hadley's getting big enough to play more with her


hehe one day Hadley will be big enough to fend for herself, and Gracen won't know what hit her!

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