Tuesday, August 17, 2010

See you at the zoo!

We had quite the busy weekend! Last Thursday we headed North to Des Moines after dinner. It was a rough ride to say the least. Daddy had just gotten home from work and the girls just wanted to play... not sit in the car. And of course there was so much construction/traffic, it took us 5 hours to get there. Not fun!

But we did start Friday off on a good note, we headed to the zoo! The girls had a blast, especially Gracen. She loved all the animals, and did not like having to sit in the stroller (I would've gladly traded her spots! hehe). Her fav was feeding one of the birds and the petting zoo. I of course loved the giraffes!

Unfortunately for us mother nature was not on our side. It started off extremely hot when we got there and then sort of clouded up and cooled down to about 78. We were like score! A perfect day for the zoo! Scratch that, it started pouring on us. So we stamped our hands and left for lunch and decided to come back after it stopped raining. When we got back, we were there for all of 20 or 30 minutes and it started to pour again. Not our day. Someone needs to tell the weatherman there to start looking for a job. He said it was supposed to be clear all day and start raining at 4. Only it was opposite, by 4 it was perfectly clear and not a raindrop in sight!

Oh well, at least the girls had some fun!

There were all kinds of beautiful flowers in the rain forest section

Helping Daddy feed the birds

LOVED the petting zoo!

Hadley was such a trooper with all the rain!

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