Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Shower

I decided to break the weekend in to a couple different posts becuase it would be a mile long if I only did one. This weekend was so jam packed. With all the weddings this was our "vacation".

Saturday morning was Stephanie's family couples shower in IA. (Side note-the ol' hubby doesn't understand/doesn't like this trend of "couples" showers hehe). We were up early preparing, and got all the goodies set up for our 10:30 am start time. Complete with a run to Target and Starbucks before hand, we're just that good.

I think the bride and groom to be had a good time, and they definitely left with some good loot. Can't wait for the wedding in October! Less than 2 months!!

the yummy food. luckily we had just about the perfect amount!

the wonderful hostesses

the guest of honor

me and my sibs

the bride and groom to be!

Daddy got to spend the morning entertaining the girlies!

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