Monday, September 17, 2012

Winefest 2012

Have you ever been to Winefest? It's ahmazing. There's like a million (totally legit number) wine and beers there, all for free! Well free with your ticket purchase. And there's all kinds of food there, and fireworks, and prizes... It's like the adult equivalent of Chuck E. Cheeses. Or something.

It was held out at Schlitterbahn over by the Legends, which was kind of fun since I had never been to Schlitterbahn before. But, I don't know if more people are just starting attend, or if more vendors are participating, but it was CROWDED. I was volunteering with my sisters for Sunflower House, and they had the tables with the raffle prizes set up at the very front before you even checked in. If I could make suggestions for next year, I would say to move it down by the food/wine. More people would get the chance to look at the prizes, and we all know the money flows a little easier when alcohol is involved. After we were done volunteering we had to make up for lost free booze time, because it was only free until 9pm, then it was a cash bar.
Up at the front just selling some raffle tickets!

Totally awkward lighting Matthew, but still a good photo!

We didn't take many photos of the food/alcohol selections 1. because we were starving, and loading up on the free booze, and 2. it was way too crowded. If I was thinking properly (taking notes for next year!) I would have been taking pics beforehand, since we showed up pretty early for volunteering.

The fireworks were definitely a highlight of the evening, they started around 9pm, and went off to a pretty stellar music selection. I'm not going to lie there was some awesome dancing involved.

Surprisingly my phone took pretty good pictures of the fireworks.

I definitely plan to return next year. For only $75 you got access to the beer garden (200+ beers, and some were even giving away free beer glasses!), spirit samples, food samples (over 30+ vendors), fireworks and music entertainment, with the option to purchase access to the cigar bar and champagne room. Win-win people.

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