Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Broadway Bound

Gracen had her very first dance recital in June at the Kansas City Music Hall downtown, and I was pumped! We started the morning off bright and early with a rehearsal at 8:45 am. She thought this was a hoot. She loved being on the stage, and was not ready to go home afterwards.


I mean really, I don't think she could be any cuter if she tried. Gracen LOVED watching all the older girls dance. Luckily we sat up in the balcony so that we could see her really well and video tape it, and so when she was done she was dancin up a storm in the aisles. My little broadway star! I mean if she wants to be of course :)

They sang a little song, Me and My Teddy Bear, and did a little tap dance. I just love all those purple fluffy tu-tus!! Please note her hair (she's the 3rd from the left). Unfortunately she got my hair, straight as a pin. We spiral curled it (just like all the other little girls!) and by the time she went on stage, like 45 minutes after curling it, it was pin straight.

Aunt Jaime was pretty excited that she moved back in time for the recital!

A pretty decent family picture!! That's always a success. When we got home we celebrated with ice cream sundaes, and put to bed 2 very happy little girls.