Monday, September 10, 2012

Gone Fishing

Back in May we headed to the Mr's hometown for his littlest sister's high school graduation. We had beautiful weather, and decided to take the girls out to the pond on their land for their first time fishing!

Fishing requires a lot of patience (one thing this mommy severely lacks), so of course it only lasted about 15 minutes. Once Daddy caught a fish, they were over it and decided to play in the dirt instead.

The older I get, the less I like the outdoors. I know that sounds bad, but I mean I REALLY don't like dirty things. When I was younger we used to go to the lake, and have to dig seaweed out of the jet ski engine when it would get clogged. If you asked me to do that now I would probably laugh in your face and then run screaming in the other direction. Stick my booty on a boat, but I highly doubt you'll ever see me in that kind of water. No one got in the water that day, but rumor on the street is people have and do swim in there (clearly I am not one of them!). So I'm glad that we have opportunities like this for the girls, and they hopefully won't be as crazy as me for awhile :) 

Got one! The girls were far less squirmy then I imagined they would be, and had no problem touching the slimy fish. I however would get nowhere near it. Serve me my fish on a plate, I have no desire to see the whole process (see the roast chicken story!). 

We also took the paddle boat out for a while, and Hadley sat right by me, and Gracen sat in the back with her cousin. She refused to wear a lifejacket, so you can imagine how long we lasted. I'm a totally paranoid freak, and I sure as hell wasn't jumping in that water to get her should she feel the need to go swimming herself, so I planted myself happily back on land! 

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