Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Months 1 - 12

So the last monthly update was month 9. Some day I'll get an update. 18 months anyone?

I haven't gotten around to adding the birthday bash, but that'll be next. In the meantime Here's the collage of her monthly photos.

You can tell by the horrible lighting in most of them that I had a tendency to forget until it was almost bedtime. Around month 9 we had to get creative with props and it just got harder and harder to get a good one. As you can tell we own a lot of pink. And because I have OCD about weird things, we didn't ever repeat an outfit. I tried to do the same for bows (which we have more than enough of), but Dad was in charge of month 11 so (wah-wah) it's the same as month 10.

I was really really really proud of myself for taking each one on the 26th of each month. Again because I'm OCD about weird things. That is until her actual birthday. I was so mad at myself for forgetting and being a couple days late. Because, #firstworldproblems. Looking back (hindsight's a bitch) I should've just waited until the weekend to get better light on all of them. Month 1, 2, and 4 are my favs - which of course have the best light. It's fun to look back, and see how she (officially) changed month to month. So while I may not have gotten around to writing updates on month 10 and 11, we DID get a photo!

Now that she's really on the move and walking (re: running), and refuses to take photos (rude) - I hope she appreciates this someday! (But her sappy Mom will love it enough for the both of us).

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