Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Worlds of Fun

I have a very vivid memory of the first time I ever rode a roller coaster. It was on our annual summer trip to World's of Fun with my Mom, sisters and Aunt, and for the first time my sister Steph and I were tall enough to ride the roller coasters. We got in line for the beloved Zambezi-zinger (RIP). We both started panicking and crying. My Mom most likely laughing, would not let us anywhere near the chicken exit. I'm sure the workers that day were highly amused by the spectacle we were making. Despite our begging and pleading she dragged us on literally kicking and screaming. Now if you're familiar with the classic coaster it spirals upwards towards the top and took its sweet time. We cried the whole way up. By the time it actually started going down hill we were both laughing and having a blast. Maybe even holding our hands up throughout the ride, and then running back in line as soon as it was over. #embarrassing

Fast forward to this summer when my Aunt was in town and we took my girls on our own annual trip to World's of Fun. I spent some time beforehand checking out the height requirements for all the rides and measured both girls. Unfortunately my measuring skills were apparently a little off and the only ride they were both tall enough for was Spinning Dragons, and Gracen was barely tall enough to do Fury of the Nile.

The Grand Carousel is always a favorite. And of course the Flying Dutchman. We were pretty lucky this year that even though it was quite warm out (that's what we get for going in August!) there weren't any lines.

Except of course the Spinning Dragons. I don't know if it's because only 4 people go on it at a time, or if it's because it's the ride the most people can go on, but 45 minute line. In the baking sun. As you can imagine we only made it on once.

I'm not sure which was more fun, the roller coaster, or playing in the water waiting in line.

They were nervous/excited but overall were just kind of like oh a roller coaster? Cool. So no fun traumatic story like my own. Whatevs. I am glad I got to document it though!

Such an awesome day! I do hope that 20 years from now, they look back on these memories as fondly as I do.

But we all know I'm a sap. #Sigh

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